In the early 2000’s, the origin of Bird.i emerged from a simple fact: whilst online location-based applications burgeoned, satellite imagery remained underused.

At that time, the founder of Bird.i - Corentin - was a member of the Earth Observation team of Airbus based in Toulouse, France. Keen to resolve what he believed to be an anomaly, he started debating the issue within the community of experts.

In 2013, after joining the Satellite Applications Catapult in the UK, Corentin started to more widely articulate his vision to make fresh and accurate satellite imagery accessible to the mass. Meanwhile, Microsoft, Google and Yahoo among others, had all incorporated satellite imagery base maps into their online mapping engines. However, the imagery remained largely out-of-date and the quality of the images varied greatly from place to place.

Early in 2016, Corentin’s vision to create the mass market for observation imagery matured into entrepreneurial spirit. He then managed to raise enough investment to develop a unique cloud-based prototype: the world’s most incredible images could finally be made accessible to everyone. This was the birth of Bird.i.

Capitalizing on this early success, Corentin quickly built an international team located in Glasgow, UK. He developed a great culture based on passion, enjoyment, simplicity and putting Bird.i’s end-user above anything else. Passionate about the future, the team has knocked down many technological challenges. Yet, transforming Corentin’s vision into reality drives everyone to excel and overcome all barriers.

In less than a year, three leading imagery suppliers joined Bird.i’s great ambition. Airbus, Bluesky and DigitalGlobe agreed to become Bird.i’s image suppliers, marking a key milestone in the next step in Bird.i’s journey.

The day when the mass market will have broad access to the freshest and most accurate satellite images is fast approaching…

Corentin Guillo – Bird.i Founder and CEO