Social Bite Now Fuelling Bird.i HQ!


Creating a great working environment where the team comes to work feeling motivated every day is one of CEO, Corentin’s top priorities. It’s the reason Bird.i offers some great perks; a favourite being complimentary lunch delivered to the office every day (certainly handy when we’re hit by Glasgow’s trademark horizontal rain!)


Recently, we selected our Bothwell Street neighbour, Social Bite, to be our new lunch supplier, serving up tasty sandwiches, salads and noodle pots to fuel our afternoons!


Corporate Engagement Manager, Neil Findlay, came to visit Bird.i HQ to tell us more about Social Bite’s latest projects, initiatives and events including ‘Sleep in the Park’, which will be held in multiple cities for the first time this year.


Social Bite visits Birdi


It was great to hear about the organisation’s vision and we couldn’t be happier to support them as a social business, tackling homelessness in Scotland head-on through their food outlets, inspiring initiatives and events.


And if that wasn’t reason enough to select them as our lunch supplier, they’re eco-friendly too! The Bird.i team is also very passionate about protecting the environment, since we observe our beautiful planet from space every day. We love that Social Bite uses recyclable or compostable packaging where possible, so we really feel like this is a match made in heaven!


Fancy getting a free feel-good lunch every day (and working for one of the hottest start-ups in Scotland?) See our current vacancies here!


Find out more about Social Bite and the great work they do here.