Unique access to the most up-to-date satellite images

By compiling and integrating disparate, cross-correlated satellite data into one rich feed, Bird.i offers access to the most recent satellite images available.

  • Unique access to the latest satellite images

    Businesses have come to rely on data insights to inform decision making. Increasingly companies are using satellite imagery as a new data source to combine with existing information and applications. We can provide the latest satellite images, which can be as frequent as 1-3 days old for the most visited locations around the globe (vs. up to 7 years using free alternatives).

    Our Image Service combines data from the world’s leading satellite providers, giving you a simple interface to consume the most up to date, high-quality satellite images at an affordable cost.

  • Average age of free satellite imagery

  • What do we mean by the latest images?

    Satellites orbiting the earth capture images at different rates; the frequency a satellite takes an image of the same spot on earth is known as its revisit rate. Bird.i’s commercial partners have satellites with a revisit rate as frequent as 1 to 3 days. Quick revisit times are much more useful for businesses than if they were using free image sources where images can be years old, as shown in this infographic.