Search the latest satellite images

Searching for the latest satellite imagery across the world couldn’t be easier within the Bird.i portal.

Search satellite imagery the simple way

Our platform is designed so users can simply view all of the best satellite imagery available over their location of interest.

No need to enter additional criteria, draw polygons, select resolutions or angle of inclination – we take care of the complexities and only show you the very best imagery available for that location.

How to search for satellite images

Once logged into the Bird.i Image Service portal, users can easily search for any location using the search bar on the left-hand side of the map.

Search for locations in the following formats:

Type an address

Eg. Hickson Road, Sydney, NSW 2000



Input latitude and longitude coordinates

Eg.  -33.851341, 151.211379 or 33° 51′ 4.8276” S, 151° 12′ 40.9644” E 


Search satellite imagery coordinates


Input simple place names

e.g.  Sydney, Australia


The image viewer will default to the centre of the location.


Once you’ve found your desired image, see how you can download it here.