Download the latest satellite imagery

Find out how to download the latest high-resolution satellite imagery from world leaders Airbus, DigitalGlobe, BlueSky & Planet with Bird.i’s Image Service.

How to download satellite images with Bird.i

Finding where to download satellite imagery can be a tricky (and expensive) process. Buying imagery directly from a supplier can mean buying larger images than you need, at a higher price ticket than you’d like.

With Bird.i users can download satellite imagery easily and affordably. Simply sign up to one of our plans and you’ll unlock access to the very latest satellite imagery across the world.



1. Find the image you’re looking for

Browse the world by clicking and dragging the base map, or use the search bar in the top left of the screen to enter your desired location.



2. View available imagery

Once you’ve found your location of interest, turn the viewfinder on (pink circle at the top right of the screen) to view the satellite imagery available.




3. Click to download

Browse through the images in the timeline and select your desired image from the Timeline on the left-hand pane. Click the download icon located directly above the viewfinder.





4. Open from your downloads folder

The satellite image will now download as a .png file at the current zoom level. The image will be in a rectangular format, containing everything you see within the viewfinder.


For more information on how to use Bird.i or how to download a satellite image, take a look at our User Guide.



Visit our FAQs page for a full list of frequently asked questions, or alternatively, contact us here if you need any help.