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Bird.i Image Service

Images taken from above tell us how things are changing on the ground with a frequency and accuracy that is hard to beat. This offers unprecedented insights and indisputable evidence for businesses. Bird.i makes the best of the world leading providers’ imagery accessible and affordable through a unique monthly subscription to our Portal or API.



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All the tools you need in the one place. Here’s how we help you and your team make the most of satellite and airborne imagery.

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    access to the latest up-to-date satellite images

    We partner with the world’s leading imagery providers to offer you the freshest imagery in near real-time, sometimes on the same day of its acquisition.

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    search historic satellite imagery

    Use our Time Series feature to easily search and compare satellite images over your locations of interest to see how they are changing over time.

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    view high resolution satellite images

    With a resolution of up to 30cm on a global basis and up to 12.5cm in selected areas, you have on demand access the most accurate images available today.

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    flexible and easy-to-use portal

    Our Portal allows you to search, view, compare and download the best images from our providers in a seamless user experience.

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    supercharge your solution with our api

    Integrate the Image Service into your mapping applications or location based services with our plug and play API and offers instant image views to your users or customers.

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    unique subscription model

    Whether you’re an individual, an SME or a large organisation, it couldn’t be easier to access the best satellite and airborne images via one-off purchase, individual or team subscriptions.

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Bird.i Image Service User Guide

If you’re thinking about registering to our Portal, check out the User Guide to see how simple and easy we’ve made it for you.

If you’ve got any questions then you can get in touch here.


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