Broken Ground Detector

Get visual confirmation when construction sites break ground using the latest satellite imagery.

Broken Ground Detector

Bird.i’s Broken Ground Detector automatically identifies the broken ground stage of your construction project using the latest satellite imagery. The insights gained are delivered to customers in a simple format that can be used to stay competitive in a challenging market.


Track new construction activity
within any area

Tell us the geographical area you’re interested in, and we’ll tell you where and when new construction projects occur.


Track specific construction sites
as they break ground

Give us a portfolio of individual sites anywhere in the world, and we’ll alert you when imagery shows construction has begun.

Why use the Broken Ground Detector?

your data

Assurance of accurate, up- to-date visual data of construction sites to analyse and verify with other data sources.


Automation of new construction site identification allows you to free-up precious time and resources.


Streamline research and ground resources to focus on priority locations to be investigated.


Track competitor construction activity anywhere in the world without the need for ground resources.

What will I receive?

  • Interactive map offering an overview of all sites
  • An ‘insights’ table with the ability to export as .csv
  • Notifications for new imagery over your tracked site(s)
  • Alerts for new insights over your locations of interest
  • Product integration and technical support from the Bird.i team


How does Broken Ground Detection work?

Our models have been trained to extract features from satellite imagery which indicate construction activity at the first stage of the build process. Bird.i Broken Ground Detection identifies any new construction sites meeting these criteria.

How much does Broken Ground Detection cost?

Pricing is based on the number of sites you wish to track or the km2 area in which you wish insights for. Contact us with your requirements for a custom quote here.

Can I see a demo?

To schedule a demo of the Broken Ground Detector get in touch here.

“As the world’s most trusted source for news, data and insight, Refinitiv has taken a revolutionary approach by choosing Bird.i for its construction intelligence platform, maximising coverage and depth while ensuring the highest levels of factual integrity”

Jaideep Singh, Head of Projects, Refinitiv

Download our WHITEPAPER: How to track construction sites from space

Learn about the satellite imagery landscape and the benefits it brings construction businesses with monitoring assets and detecting changes over time using the latest satellite images.