Construction Intelligence

“Get accurate, reliable and detailed data about your construction projects using the latest satellite imagery and machine learning technology.”

Bird.i Construction Intelligence

Bird.i is a market leader in leveraging satellite data to track the key stages of the building life cycle, using the latest machine learning and computer vision techniques. Our current portfolio allows users to either detect when a project breaks ground, or when a project is completed, over any location.


Be the first to know when a construction
project breaks ground with up-to-date
satellite imagery across the world.


Get notified when residential
construction is complete anywhere in the
world with the latest satellite imagery.

Monitor site progress over time

Take a look at our Image Service portal! Save multiple locations to monitor site progression via time-stamped, downloadable, high-resolution satellite imagery.
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What do I need to get started?

All you need to do is manually add or bulk-upload locations of interest into your account and leave the rest to us! We’ll notify you whenever there is a new insight available over any of your locations.

Can I use both Construction Intelligence products together?

Bird.i construction intelligence products can be used in conjunction with one another, with insights conveniently delivered in the same place.

Can I use Bird.i Construction Intelligence to track competitors’ activity?

You can upload any location you wish to track into our platform, giving you valuable competitive insight without the need for disruptive or costly ground resource.

“As the world’s most trusted source for news, data and insight, Refinitiv has taken a revolutionary approach by choosing Bird.i for its construction intelligence platform, maximising coverage and depth while ensuring the highest levels of factual integrity”

Jaideep Singh, Head of Projects, Refinitiv