Oil, Gas, and Mining

Get instant access to high-resolution satellite imagery to monitor oil & gas pipelines, rigs, refineries and mines.


    plan sites, monitor change and protect assets

    Planning oil and gas construction is a complex process. Using the latest satellite imagery can help the planning process by offering a means to remotely explore locations and identify suitable sites and access routes for new rigs, refineries or pipelines.

    Comparing up-to-date imagery is an easy way to track construction progress or to identify expansion of oil refineries, rigs and depots across the globe. Our ‘Saved Locations’ option allows you to monitor multiple projects of interest simultaneously, helping you to stay ahead in the marketplace.

    Protecting multiple remote assets can be a difficult task. Monitor your existing assets by comparing and analysing snapshots over time to flag any potential hazards in the surrounding area. Satellite imagery is the perfect tool to help identify any right of way encroachment such as pipeline obstructions, environmental damage or unauthorised construction nearby.

  • Satellite Imagery for Oil and Gas

  • Satellite Imagery for Mining

    plan sites, monitor activity, track changes

    Ease the site planning process with the use of up-to-date satellite imagery. Explore and download high-resolution satellite imagery of potential mining sites across the globe, ready to analyse and incorporate into your decision-making process.

    Comparing imagery snapshots can assist construction monitoring or monitor any environmental changes nearby. This data can help to assess impact and mitigate risk – ideal for including within site condition reports.

    Save multiple locations of interest within the portal to help keep up to date with the progress, expansion and changes of mining sites across the globe.


    via online portal or API

    Our Image Service gives you instant access to up-to-date high-resolution imagery from across the globe:

    • Search for locations using place name, address or co-ordinates
    • Compare images of a site through time
    • Save locations of interest to easily revisit later
    • Zoom into images to take a closer look
    • Incorporate imagery into your existing software with our API
  • Birdi Satellite Imagery API

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