Satellite Imagery for Oil & Gas

Using the power of Bird.i to provide geospatial intelligence to the oil & gas industry


Oversee well pad development and monitor shale drilling activity across the globe with the latest satellite imagery from Bird.i.

  • Scoping prospective sites
  • View well pad development across multiple sites
  • Map-out globally distributed assets to help with planning
  • Track environmental impact of projects
  • Minimise costs of site inspections
  • Monitor expansion and physical change of refineries, rigs and depots


Use satellite imagery to track major changes, anticipate delays and manage operational hazards affecting your project.

  • Thoroughly and accurately monitor pipeline integrity for obstructions, leaks or any significant environmental damage
  • Detect pipeline right-of-way Encroachments 
  • Understand the scope and scale of site risks then prioritize and deploy resources accordingly
  • Compare imagery to flag any potential hazards on-site or in the surrounding area
  • Prioritize site visits to those requiring the utmost attention


Incorporate the latest satellite imagery into your market intelligence dataset to validate ground truths and give you an extra layer of confidence.

  • Fill any data gaps you have to make better-informed decisions
  • Make quicker decisions and plans based on the latest, accurate data
  • Support and validate existing datasets with visual ground-truth data


Our image and intelligence services can help you track competitor activity confidently in the background, freeing up valuable resources.

  • Benchmark and track your assets against competitors, so you’re always in the know.
  • Monitor multiple competitor projects simultaneously, helping you to stay ahead in the marketplace
  • Evaluate competitor activity when public listings are out of date
  • View activity and equipment on competitor sites up to 30cm resolution

Pipeline Monitoring with Bird.i

See how you can use Bird.i’s Image Service Portal to monitor pipeline integrity, in the short demo below.