Oil, Gas, and Mining Sites from Above


Up-to-date satellite imagery adds an extra layer of valuable insight to decision making for businesses, particularly when planning or monitoring construction is involved. This data is being used to streamline project management of residential, commercial and infrastructure construction projects across the world.


We’re now seeing an uplift in energy and commodities businesses using satellite imagery data to assist planning and monitoring construction of oil & gas pipelines, mines, rigs and refineries.


We wanted to share some of the amazing imagery of oil, gas, mining and commodities sites we’ve been looking at from above…


Ernest Henry Mine, AUSTRALIA 

BirdiImage_lat_-20edit BirdiImage_lat_-20dd

Copyright Bird.i – CNES/AirbusDS 2018


Qinhuangdao Coal Terminal, CHINA

BirdiImage_lat_391 BirdiImage_lat_392
Copyright Bird.i – DigitalGlobe Inc 2018


Chuquicamata Copper Mine, CHILE

BirdiImage_lat_401 BirdiImage_lat_404

 Copyright Bird.i – DigitalGlobe Inc 2018


Cushing Crude Oil Storage, OKLAHOMA

BirdiImage_lat_355 BirdiImage_lat_35

Copyright Bird.i – CNES/AirbusDS 2018


Mount Whaleback Mine, AUSTRALIA

BirdiImage_lat_-233 BirdiImage_lat_-2344

Copyright Bird.i – DigitalGlobe Inc 2018


Soquimich Lithium Mine, CHILE

BirdiImage_lat_-233-1 BirdiImage_lat_-23d

Copyright Bird.i – CNES/AirbusDS & DigitalGlobe 2018


Europort Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS

BirdiImage_lat_51ds BirdiImage_lat_51dss

Copyright Bird.i – DigitalGlobe Inc 2018


Jwaneng Diamond Mine, SOUTH AFRICA

BirdiImage_lat_-24dd BirdiImage_lat_-24

Copyright Bird.i – DigitalGlobe Inc 2018

Baytown Refinery, TEXAS

BirdiImage_lat_292 BirdiImage_lat_29ss

Copyright Bird.i – CNES/AirbusDS 2018


Interested in incorporating satellite imagery into your decision making?
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