User Portal

The Bird.i User Portal offers seamless access to the freshest and most accurate satellite images. View, analyze, and download images from around the globe.

  • Image Service

    Bird.i’s Image Service gives you access to view the most up to date satellite imagery.
    The circle in the middle of the base map contains the most up to date satellite image of this location available from us. You can easily search for a location using different formats: address, place names and latitude and longitude. You have the ability to zoom in and out, to identify the smallest details of a satellite image, and if required download the image.

  • Time Series Tool

    Our Time Series feature allows you to search and view historic satellite images of earth. You are able to access all of the satellite images that are available from us at any location. For a comprehensive view of how a location looked in the past, compare different satellite images to analyse whether there may have been any changes.

    Our timeline navigation allows you to scroll back through historic satellite images that have been taken over a specific location. There can be up to 10 images available of a location, going back up to 36 months, which provides you with the ability to analyse any changes that may have occurred over this time period.