Product FAQs

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How up-to-date is the satellite imagery from Bird.i?

Our industry-leading partners are continually acquiring imagery around the globe. We curate the best, highest resolution imagery into our system every day and often get the latest images just a few hours after they’ve been acquired. Image cadence is roughly between weekly to monthly however exact frequency varies based on your location of interest so the best way to find out the acquisition in your area of interest is to schedule a demo with one of our team.

Do you provide free satellite imagery?

We do not provide free satellite imagery. We do, however, provide affordable imagery packages. If you’re interested in seeing the platform’s full features and functionality, you can request a customized demo here or in the form below.

Can I see a product demo?

To schedule a demo of any Bird.i products, get in touch here.

What are the benefits of using Bird.i?

Purchasing satellite imagery via other channels can be a fragmented process. Knowing whom to approach for the type of imagery required can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive. One of the main reasons Bird.i was created was to lower the barriers to accessing insightful, up-to-date satellite imagery. Read more about accessing satellite imagery here.

Can I use Bird.i products to track competitors’ activity?

You can upload any location you wish to track into our platform, giving you valuable competitive insight without the need for disruptive or costly ground resources.