Providers FAQs

Read the top FAQs about Bird.i’s data providers here.

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Who are your providers?

We work with the world’s leading providers of satellite imagery, MAXAR (formerly Digital Globe), and Airbus Defence & Space.

What’s the resolution of the satellite images you provide?

The satellites we use can provide imagery with resolutions between 1.5m and 30cm, so within the platform, you may come across images with resolutions anywhere in between these levels. A resolution of 30cm means that each pixel you see on the screen represents 30cm on the ground.

What is your revisit rate?

Revisit rates vary based mainly on the location of interest and weather conditions above this area. Generally speaking, our providers’ revisit rates are higher in more urban, built-up areas vs rural locations since change occurs more frequently.

What dictates the frequency of fresh imagery over locations?

We check for new imagery over our customers’ saved locations on a daily basis, harvesting any data available from each of our data providers.

Which satellites does Bird.i use?

Airbus Defence & Space
We use the OneAtlas Data platform from Airbus, accessing imagery acquired by 4 satellites:
– 2x Pleiades satellites (50cm)
– 2x Spot satellites (1.5m)

Maxar (formerly DigitalGlobe)
We use the GBDX platform from Maxar, accessing imagery acquired by 5 satellites:
– WorldView-4 (31cm)
– WorldView-3 (34cm)
– WorldView-2 (46cm)
– WorldView-1 (50cm, black and white)
– GeoEye-1 (41cm)