Environmental Monitoring

Satellite imagery is uniquely placed to monitor global, large scale environmental changes. Whether that’s due to global warming, extreme environmental events, or human activity, having access to the latest available satellite imagery provides you with a global view to monitor and record these changes.



  • environmental monitoring

    Understanding large scale effects of changes to the environment requires many data points; satellite imagery can prove to be a vital piece of that puzzle. Whether measuring effects of climate change – such as coastal erosion due to rising water levels – the effects of natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, to the damage caused by forest fires, or changes to the land due to farming; satellite imagery can provide unique insights.

  • monitoring human impact

    As our population grows, the impact of human activity on our environment continues to increase. With global coverage, Bird.i’s Image Service with its Time Series feature allows easy access for monitoring, mining activity, deforestation, increasing urban sprawl, the effects of conflict, and land reclamation, to name a few.

How to track construction sites from space

Far above our heads, satellites are mapping our world day after day. The images they acquire and the insights they contain are more accessible than ever before. In our latest White Paper discover: What type of imagery you can expect from space and why Google Maps is out of date. What insights can be gained if you have a regular supply of fresh satellite images. How the traditional data model is being disrupted with new ways to access images.