Dubai Construction from Above


Dubai is home to some of the most impressive architecture in the world: The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building; Jumeirah’s Burj Al Arab, the only ‘7 star’ hotel in the world; and The Palm, a mixed-use island in the shape of a palm tree, to name just a few. Bold, innovative builds like these have firmly placed Dubai on the map as one of the most pioneering construction hubs in the world. For this reason, it’s a fantastic city for us to observe from space!


Bird.i gathers the latest satellite images from multiple providers and pulls them into one simple platform, allowing users to consume the most up-to-date imagery available of an area of interest. Google Earth’s imagery can be up to 7 years out-of-date in places, so when observing a rapidly changing city like Dubai, having access to the latest imagery is essential for construction planning and monitoring.


Here’s a few of the projects in Dubai we’ve been keeping an eye on from above. The images show the latest view from Google Earth (correct as of July 2018), alongside the latest satellite image found within the Bird.i platform.


Dubai Harbour

Located between The Palm and Jumeirah Beach, The Dubai Harbour will be a major leisure and tourism hub in the city and will include a 1,400-berth marina, lighthouse and a cruise liner terminal, alongside an array of leisure and lifestyle attractions. We can see here the end of the harbour is making more progress.


Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 12.00.53  BirdiImage_lat25.092750_lng_55.134609_Z16_15June20180705-1

Dubai Harbour – Image sources: Google – DigitalGlobe 2018 / Copyright Bird.i – DigitalGlobe 2018


The World Islands


The ‘World Islands’ is a collection of 300 man-made islands located 4km off the coast of Dubai, the outline of which is only visible by satellite or from the neighbouring Burj Khalifa. Development has been notoriously slow on these islands, but we’ve seen a bit more activity around ‘The Heart of Europe’ recently.

world islands close up  BirdiImage_lat25.228848_lng_55.161474_Z17_15June20180705

The World Islands – Image sources: Google – DigitalGlobe 2018 / Copyright Bird.i – DigitalGlobe 2018


Dubai Expo 2020


The Expo centre in Dubai occupies a 4.39km2, site, in the south of the city. Work started on this desert land in 2016 and with the help of 15,000 workers, the centre aims to open its doors in late 2019. We’re enjoying seeing this site come together with its distinctive trefoil shape.


expopic  BirdiImage_lat24.961316_lng_55.152826_Z16_15June20180705

Dubai Expo 2020 Centre – Image sources: Google – DigitalGlobe 2018 / Copyright Bird.i – DigitalGlobe 2018


District One, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City


Spread over 1,100 acres, District One in Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City is located 4km from the Burj Khalifa and will feature luxury villas, gardens and even a 7km long crystal lagoon. After so much anticipation, we’re looking forward to seeing its progress over the coming months!


 Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 12.45.01  BirdiImage_lat25.170611_lng_55.278568_Z16_11June20180734

 Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City – Image sources: Google – DigitalGlobe 2018 / Copyright Bird.i – DigitalGlobe 2018


It’s clear from these image comparisons that Dubai’s construction landscape is moving at a rapid pace and Google Earth is struggling to keep up.


If you’re looking for a more reliable and accurate way to plan and monitor construction projects with the latest high-resolution satellite imagery, get in touch today or request a customised demo below.