Plex.Earth Timeviews™ Case Study

Integrating the latest satellite imagery into AutoCAD projects


Plexscape is well-known for providing solutions which bridge the gap between design and the real world. Their flagship product, Plex.Earth is being used by thousands of engineers in more than 120 countries worldwide, enabling them to have the complete 3D geographical view of their real-world projects within minutes, through Google Earth and other satellite data providers.

While Plex.Earth had already integrated Google Earth satellite imagery into their product, enabling users to visualise their projects in a ‘real’ context, many customers were dissatisfied with this image freshness. Often, the geographical surroundings were not up-to-date, risking the quality and integrity of their designs.

Bird.i and Plex.Earth wanted to change the way engineering projects were being designed by opening up access to higher-quality geospatial data to the global architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) market and offering this to Plex.Earth users.


Bird.i now integrates the latest satellite imagery from multiple providers into Plex.Earth’s platform via our Image Service API, and they offer this to their users as a premium feature called Timeviews™.

Plex.Earth’s Timeviews™ in action.

End-user benefits

  • There is now an option to bring the latest satellite images right into CAD platforms
  • Showcasing designs within an up-to-date context makes projects easier to visualise to stakeholders.
  • Integration into the existing platform means no need to switch programmes for additional imagery
  • Users can make better-informed, more accurate design decisions based on the current geographical context of the land
  • Working with more accurate imagery means more timely decisions can be made

Benefits to Plexscape and the AEC industries

  • Acquiring and processing satellite imagery is a significant challenge within the AEC industries so the partnership helps to alleviate this issue
  • The partnership will raise awareness of the technology and accelerate AEC industry adoption to improve the entire project management process
  • Plex.Earth benefits from an additional revenue stream from the premium content
  • Our API option offers ease of integration


“Timeviews™ is not just the result of another API integration. As an integral part of Plex.Earth platform, we needed a high level of customization to provide an exceptional experience to all our users, which is always our primal focus. Both were made possible with Bird.i’s very easy-to-use API and its outstanding team. Our partnership with Bird.i is one of a kind.”

Lambros Kaliakatsos, Founder & CEO of Plexscape

Timeviews™ case study – Quarry Restoration in Greece

Experienced mining & metallurgical engineer, Ioannis Liaskos, wanted to examine and certify the progress of earthworks in the restoration of an inert materials quarry in Greece.

Being a dedicated Plex.Earth user for 10 years, he knew where to turn to: He requested some up-to-date satellite imagery from mid-April 2019, because he had noticed that Google Earth’s imagery was 4 years old over his specific area of interest.

The Plex.Earth team introduced Ioannis to ‘Timeviews™’, a new function which incorporates Bird.i’s up-to-date satellite imagery into users’ projects. He was then able to access a real-world view of his project area and make a comparison between 31st March, before the earthworks began, and from the 6th of May, after their completion.

Interestingly, his team also commissioned a drone-based survey over the same area of interest, however this data came at a higher cost and at a lower quality compared to Timeviews™, and with a significant processing delay.

With Timeviews™, Ioannis accessed high-quality satellite imagery the exact moment he needed it, with just a few mouse clicks and without even leaving his office.

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