Working at Bird.i

Looking for a career in the space industry? Great companies need great people to fulfil an ambition and you could be the right person for us! What we offer is unique in terms of technology and sector, coupled with a culture that defines who we are as an employer and a business.

what are we working to achieve?

  • Bird.i is born from the belief that satellite imagery, and the insight it contains, should be made available to all, not only high value customers with deep pockets.


    Since the beginning of the adventure we have always kept our focus on users, understanding their problems and seeking the best solution to address them.


  • Today we curate on average 10km2 of the best of the world’s satellite, airborne and drone imagery every day to create an up-to-date view of our world that everyone can explore, anytime.


    We want to empower everyone to use images from the sky to raise awareness, make informed decisions and experience the benefits.


how are we achieving this?

  • We support collaboration and spontaneity by promoting an open and transparent culture. This includes removing unnecessary barriers between collaborators and encouraging all styles of communication. Learning from failures and successes is at the heart of what we do.


    We have built Bird.i to be an enjoyable environment for everyone, so creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere is extremely important to us. Not only does this make for an enjoyable workplace, it also attracts partners and customers, and enhances the entire Bird.i ecosystem.


  • We can only make it unprecedentedly easy to access aerial and satellite images by keeping things simple across the board. So we strive to remove complexity in everything we do, both internally and externally.


    Our goal is to increase usage of aerial and satellite images to create value – this relies on us developing great products that users are motivated to use. There’s only one way to truly understand the needs of our end-users: talk to them. So that’s exactly what we do.


open positions

general queries

We are always looking for great talent. There may not be an open role which matches your skillset but it may be in our future hiring plan!