Applying search filters to timeline in Bird.i’s Image Service Portal


In every new feature we develop, we have our fingers on the pulse of customer wishes and requirements. Based on those, we decide the order of priority for the next piece of work. Although it is most important to understand what a user wants before we start working on a feature, it is as important to keep that in mind during and after the work has been completed. In this blog post, I would like to introduce yet another feature that has sprung to life from customer feedback: Timeline Filtering.


Those who are familiar with the look and functionality of our Image Service Portal know the Timeline feature well. It is a chronological list of imagery available over the current location, which sits on one side of the map and allows users to browse historical images. While the timeline feature was happily received by our users, over time, as the number of available images increased, customers started to ask if there were ways to customise the images that show in the timeline. And as many there are users, as many are different needs to satisfy – there is no one size fits all even with satellite imagery!


This brings us to the Timeline Filtering feature – one of the most requested features from our Image Service Portal users. We are pleased to announce that as of January 2020, this feature is now available to all Portal customers.


Image of Bird.i Image Service Portal showcasing Timeline Filters


The four added icons on top Timeline might seem like a small addition, but no mistake, it is a powerful one. As we were adding the totally new functionality on top of existing Timeline feature, we wanted to make sure that it won’t ruin the user experience. Working closely with our designer, we worked out the subtle addition to timeline that wouldn’t take away too much precious screen space, but would be powerful enough to exceed all requirements.


Each of the icons expands into a different filter that can be applied to the Timeline. There is a cloud cover filter, where you can choose the maximum percentage of the image you want to be covered by clouds. The satellite icon lets you choose between different imagery providers, whilst the colour filter allows you to decide if you need black and white imagery, colourful images or you don’t mind both. Last but not least we have a date range filter, where you can choose, well, a date range from which time you want to see the images.


With Timeline Filters, you can truly customise the selection of imagery available for you, and you will have a timeline that is tailored just for your needs.


Take a look at this short video showing how the Timeline Filtering works:



Login to our Image Service Portal to try out the new timeline filtering today!



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