Agile Workflows Round Table


Following our first session on Continuous Deployment, we hosted another thematic Round Table, this time focusing on the topic of Agile/Scrum workflows at scale.


We welcomed Peter Sturrock (Senior Director of Engineering) and Michael Hall (Senior Engineering Manager) from Skyscanner, Mick Coll (Senior Product Owner) and David Keenan (Head of Architecture and Design) from Arnold Clark, and Jim Law (CEO) from Find a Player.

Our Round Table format:


Instead of larger “Meetup” events, we opt for a small gathering of key participants to cultivate relationships and dive deep into discussion on our experiences, lessons, and obstacles within the topic field. We exchange information about our workflows, culture and behaviours, and regardless of the size of the company, everybody has a chance to ask questions and learn from people with more experience in the industry. (Also pizza. And beers.)


What we discussed:


Agile/Scrum at scale

A lot of project management processes that have become the industry standard, have breaking points once a company exceeds a certain number of engineers. Keeping alignment across teams becomes difficult with growth, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.


When to break the rules

While the Agile Manifesto gives great guidance, no two teams are the same. Leading people and bringing them in sync often requires stepping off the beaten path.


Team size and structure

Companies face different problems and constraints as they grow. While most have cross-functional teams and some follow Spotify’s “Tribes and Squads” model, everyone recognizes that teams need to be flexible and adaptable.


Leading people with different psychological needs

Encouraging teamwork while also respecting different psychological needs is a challenge for every leader. People who fall on the introverted side of the spectrum are switched-on or drained by different activities and levels of stimuli than their more extroverted colleagues.


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