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"We started out by wanting to make satellite imagery available to all. We’ve grown to understand it’s even more powerful when you match it to a business’s needs" – Corentin Guillo, Bird.i Founder

Every picture tells a story. And those taken in space and from our skies tell us how things are changing on the ground – with a frequency and accuracy that’s hard to beat.

This data can provide powerful insights for businesses, but traditionally it’s been the preserve of the few.

We’re determined to make it accessible, affordable and usable, putting the end user at the heart of the process, building a service that delivers smoothly, efficiently and effectively. Over and over again.

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We’re a dynamic, friendly team working to discover new and ever-better techniques for analysing imagery and automating data.

Together, we’re determined to change the way businesses and individuals see the world. If that sounds like something you’d be good at, get in touch.

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