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Bird.i is the only service to offer commercial satellite imagery and insight in a one-stop-shop. So you can make better informed business decisions.

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    analysing the world’s best images

    We’re working with leading satellite and airborne imagery providers to bring you the best insights available for your areas of interest.

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    available by subscription

    Now there’s no need to bulk buy images at high prices, you can subscribe to view them instead, with the choice to download too.

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    offering a bespoke approach

    Our service can be applied to almost any area or physical asset. Tell us what you need, and we’ll deliver answers automatically to the system you use.

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Determine the area you’re interested in, and view the most up-to-date, quality images at a click of a button.

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Share the challenges your business faces, and we’ll share powerful insights gained from image analysis.

  • a right, not a privilege

    Bird.i was born from a belief that the information to be found in satellite and aerial imagery should be made more accessible, affordable and usable for all.

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