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We make Earth Observation social.

We bring satellite images to the mass market.



Have you ever looked up your house on Google Maps?

How long ago did you sell that old car? Haven’t you had that extension for years? We live in a world where we have satellites taking photos of the Earth every day. Why do we take it for granted that the images we see are out of date?



We are making satellite images cheaper,
relevant and easier to access.

Our data analytics service identifies locations with high demand, identifying only the pixels that matter to multiple users, making them affordable to more people.



A solution to open Earth Observation
to the mass market

Our platform provides direct access to multiple image data archives, enabling access to the freshest possible data that is relevant to your individual needs.


Why Bird.i?

We put the intelligence of satellite imagery at your fingertips, providing the information you need, when you need it.
For work, for home or socially, fresh images when you need it, where you need it.

Data Agnostic

We have the most imagery

From satellites to airbornes, we deliver the pixels that matter to you.

Data Analytics

We are proactive

We use data analytics to identify the images you need.

Data Price

We are cheaper

A range of solution to meet your needs.

What would you do if you had access to the latest satellite images?

The following examples illustrate how you can take advantage of fresh and high quality imagery.

Real Estate

UserReal Estate
PeriodFrom 2010 to 2015
InfoEvolution of a construction site.

From getting the planning permission to counting vehicles on the parking, passing through monitoring the construction progress, how fresh and high quality Earth Observation data can help you?


UserMassChallenge UK
DateJan 20, 2015
InfoMassChallenge UK Finalists summer office

Evolution of Tobacco Dock, London, summer home of 90 high profile startups and its surounding during the last year.

Burning Man Festival

Burning Man Festival

UserBurning Man Festival
PeriodAug 12 - Sep 3, 2014
Info2014 Burning Man Festival Camp.

The transformation of the Burning Man. A full-fledged city of population 70,000, “Black Rock City” is built up in a matter of days, experienced for a single week, and disassembled just as quickly, leaving no trace.

Glastonbury Festival

ClientGlastonbury Festival
DateJun 15, 2014
Info2014 Glastonbury Festival Site.

It could be a postcard of the overall festival, the stage of your favourite artist, the place you met your friends or your tent amongst thousand of others, how fresh and high quality Earth Observation data can help you?

Case Study: ECSAT


UserEuropean Space Agency
DateJuly 13, 2015
InfoHarwell Space Cluster, Oxfordshire, UK

The European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications (ECSAT) is ESA’s new facility in the United Kingdom. It is based at the Harwell Science, Innovation and Business Campus in Oxfordshire.


UserProperty Builder
PeriodFrom 2000 to 2015
InfoDevelopment of a private property construction work.

From investigating around a prospect’s amenities, through getting the planning permission to monitoring the construction progress, how fresh and high quality Earth Observation data can help you?

Southampton Boat Show 2015

ClientSouthampton Boat Show
Date11-20 Sep 2015
InfoLive exhibition from Space.

From the 16 to 25 September 2015, over 110,000 people have enjoyed a taste of Britain’s biggest boating festival. We’ve covered the preparation and execution of the show from space, and shared this with you.

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Los Cristianos, Tenerife, Spain

  • MassChallenge


    Tobacco Dock, London, UK

  • Burning Man Festival

    Burning Man Festival

    Black Rock City, Dry lake, US

  • Glastonbury Festival

    Galstonbury Festival

    Glastonbury, Somerset, UK



    Harwell Space Cluster, Oxfordshire, UK

  • Construction


    Romsey, Hampshire, UK

  • Southampton Boat Show

    Southampton Boat Show 2015

    Southampton, Hampshire, UK

Looking for a lifetime experience?

We are one of the ten hottest space startup in the UK (The Telegraph), winner of the Innovate UK Space Launchpad II, Smart:Scotland and European Space Agency BIC competitions, finalist of the Mass Challenge and SCOTEDGE Wild Card 2015 rounds, and first spin-out of the Satellite Applications Catapult

We are hiring...

Java Team Lead

Taking a lead role in Bird.i’s Big Data Analytic platform specification, design and implementation, you will be composing and recruiting your team of developers in a very dynamic, fast changing and delivery focus environment.

Job Description

Web/Mobile Apps Developer

You will be developing beautiful web and mobile applications, using fresh imagery from satellites, airborne and UAV. In close collaboration with our design team, you will apply user centred design process to deliver functional and ergonomic solutions to real users needs.

Job Description

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"I want to capture this moment forever, a selfie from space? Out of this world!"

Annabelle Annabelle, 21, Exeter Student

"We want to make sure we have all the information before we buy."

David & Evita David & Evita, 41 & 39, London Consultant & Lecturer

"I don’t want to turn up to a hotel to find the pool hasn’t been built again!"

Keith Keith, 30, Bristol IT Analyst

"Weekly reports showing the progress of my building sites is exactly what I need."

Graham Graham, 58, Dorset Construction Manager

"I need the latest image to match the latest news story to keep ahead of the competition."

Graham Christine, 52, London Online Media Executive

"Five customer profiles representing the demographics our service serve."

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